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3 things to consider before renting an apartment in Lagos



3 things to consider before renting an apartment in Lagos


3 things to consider before renting an apartment in Lagos


Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria with a population of roughly 23.5 million people as of 2018 thereby making it the largest metropolitan area in Africa. It has the fourth-highest GDP in Africa making the city a major African financial centre.


With these stats, it is obvious that Lagos is a city with vast opportunities for people to strive in diverse fields but without intelligent, diligent, and prudent planning Lagos can be a nightmare for any individual.



Coming to Lagos to seek a better opportunity, and greener pastures are such a welcome and brilliant decision. Top on your priority when coming is to have a roof over your head, i.e renting a house to live in.

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There are things you must put into consideration before renting an apartment in Lagos.


  1. How much do I earn


How much you earn from your workplace is the first thing to consider, it is a determinant factor because you cannot rent an apartment that the cost is higher than your earnings. In Lagos, most Landlords often request that tenants pay rent annually, so go for an apartment that your monthly income can cover so that you can have the other 11 months’ income to attend to other needs. The sight of a Lagos Landlord embarrassing a tenant over non-payment of rent is ugly, do not allow yourself to experience it


2.  Proximity to your workplace


This is another vital factor when seeking to rent an apartment consider the nearness to your workplace. The cost of commuting from one place to another in Lagos isn’t cheap. Many Lagosians spend a chunk of their income on transportation from home to work thereby making it difficult to pay rent. Your apartment should not be far from your workplace to avoid excessive spending on transportation and also spending long hours of commuting.

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3. Cost of living in the area


The cost of living in Lagos differs from one area to another. You should consider this because it is going to have an impact on your rent. You are seeking to rent an apartment in the highbrow area of Lagos and your earnings are poor it isn’t wise neither it is a smart choice. The highbrow areas’ prices for items are overpriced because the rich and affluent live there but if you are earning so big and have some money to throw around, fine go for it, damn the cost.





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