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Anger As Lady Dies After Plastic Surgery;Police Investigate



Anger As Lady Dies After Plastic Surgery; Police Investigate


Anger As Lady Dies After Plastic Surgery;Police Investigate


A young Lady simply identified as Crystabel has died after plastic surgery at the Cynosure Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinics, in the Mende area of Maryland, Lagos State.


Report gathered by enomaomoruyi claimed that Crystabel went to the medical facility on Okunola Aina Street in Mende for plastic surgery.


A Twitter user with the handle @poshcupcake_1 said the victim died from the complications she had during the surgery.


Posha tweeted on her Twitter handle @poshcupcake_1  said aggrieved friends and family members of the victim had been demanding justice for her.


Posha wrote, “Now, I’m not against anybody that wants to enhance their body, but I’m against doctors that claim they have experience abroad, come down to Nigeria to kill young people.


“After the surgery, she complained of bleeding and the doctors claimed (it) is normal, it will stop. Now, this is the problem, how are you a professional plastic surgeon with experience abroad and someone you finished operating on complained about bleeding and you said (it) is normal, it will stop? Neglecting her, no care whatsoever! Are you sick!”


Posha claimed that Crystabel died because her complaint was ignored and that her friends suspected something was wrong when she failed to notify them that she had returned from the facility.

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She said, “The most annoying part here is, this gal died days ago without anybody knowing and the hospital did not find it needful to contact any of her relatives. Until a few friends who knew she was going for surgery said she was supposed to have been back.


“They decided to go to the hospital to check on her; arriving, they were offered a letter that her body had been deposited at the mortuary. This is sickening, now I think the government needs to come into this health system and check the capability of most surgeons.


“And make their own research if really they are well-trained surgeons to be able to operate on humans (and) if not, their license should be seized! Arrest and jailed! RIP Crystabel. They have blocked all the comments because her friends were commenting and seeking justice.”


She added pictures of Crystabel to the tweet which did not go down well with a Twitter user, Sandraedah, with the handle @sandrashotit tweeted you are a very bad friend to have posted Mimi’s pictures alongside the story, u didn’t even think of her family before adding her pictures when u knew that the world would criticize her but I hope you are enjoying ur 5 mins fame u got with Mimi’s death. Weldone

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The hospital management respond, via a statement posted on its Instagram account on Thursday, the medical facility’s management commiserated with the briefed family, adding that Crystabel had surgery at the hospital seven days ago.


The post reads, “She was properly investigated pre-surgery; her blood level was adequate, her renal and liver functions were normal. She was stable, doing well after the surgery, was seen walking around (fully ambulatory) (video clips of this have been shared with her family) and was visited by a friend as well.


“She was with us for four days, when on the 4th day, during the ward rounds (as she was due to be discharged the following day), it was observed that she was symptomatically anaemic despite earlier interventions to prevent that, which included an initial blood transfusion on Post OP Day 2, which went successfully without any incident. Her Pack Cell Volume was checked and rechecked and it was low, which was attributed to the loss from intra-operation and from daily Lymphatic drainage messages following the liposuction procedure.

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“She was duly informed about the situation and assured that we were again initiating blood transfusion and she duly consented. We contacted the same blood bank and requested that they give us two more units of blood for her to be transfused with. Suffice to say that the blood bank is a very reputable blood bank which is fully licensed and registered with the Health Facilities Monitoring and Accreditation Agency.”


The blood units arrived at the hospital after being properly screened, grouped, and cross-matched to ensure compatibility with Crystabel’s blood group.


It was discovered that a blood transfusion was started, and 10 minutes later, post-transfusion vitals checks revealed that she had a fever, which was managed.


“This was late evening on the 4th-day post OP (30th May 2022). She had no complaints, had her dinner and retired for the evening.


“About four hours after transfusion, she started complaining of chest tightness, difficulty in breathing and coughing with the production of thick frothy yellowish sputum in the early hours of the 5th day (31st May 2022), having suffered a very rare acute blood transfusion reaction evidenced by the dark-coloured urine produced and the findings on chest examination.