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Covid-19 vaccine shots in China reach 2.449billion







covid-19 vaccine shots in china reach 2.449 billion


Covid-19 vaccine shots in China reach 2.449billion according to the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China.


On Tuesday, China administered more than 6.5 million Covid-19 vaccination shots, raising the total number of doses delivered to nearly 2.5 billion individuals across the country.

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China’s National Health Commission has released the newest vaccine data, which come as the government reported 19 more confirmed coronavirus cases.


China, which has given out the most Covid-19 vaccine doses overall since the outbreak began, has focused its efforts on lowering serious infection in order to avoid the imposition of stringent measures.

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Hundreds of thousands of new illnesses in China could be enough to prompt the same limitations. In China, it is estimated that over one billion people have been fully immunized.


China has documented over 111,000 Covid cases and 4,849 coronavirus-related deaths, according to official estimates.


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