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“Do Not Hate On Me,We Have The Same 24Hrs”-Linda Ikeji Taunt Critics



“Do Not Hate On Me, We Have The Same 24Hrs”-Linda Ikeji Taunt Critics


Famous Nigerian Blogger Linda Ikeji has taunted her critics with a cryptic message on her Instagram handle.



Linda Ikeji Taunt Critics

famous Blogger Linda Ikeji


Linda Ikeji took to Instagram to send a cryptic message to her critics, the successful blogger who has been in the news recently, regarding remarks made by actor Caroline Hutchings to her. Caroline wrote on her Instagram handle that Linda is a bully, a narcissist and only loyal to those that give her money.


Caroline’s words:


“LINDA IKEJI you are a bully, always been and always will be. You can’t break me anymore.. out of a thousand journalists and bloggers I chose your name ?… I AM SORRY is not too big for you to say. As the narcissist that you are Linda, I don’t expect you to be remorseful. You are not a credible blogger, you derive joy from the pains of other women. Only loyal to those that give you money. Rest in pieces LINDA. The last time I checked I don’t come on social media or I have never come on social media to blame anyone for my marriage break up before now. I ALWAYS defended my ex ( I remember when I wrote all men cheat and he should be left alone, I was blasted for defending him ). I will never wash my marital issues in public. Linda the money you just found, use it to wash yourself clean. As a mother being good to people, brings blessings. Take your L . You will NEVER shut me up again. That article was written during David’s issue, remember you carried it on your head like gala without reaching out to me as the professional that you should be. I am the one you bullied, I REMEMBER every hurt you caused.

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From calling me a gold digger, writing I got married to my forefathers when the women came attacking me on my page, you Linda reached out to them, you used your blog to assist mistress’s to shade me ( writing long articles in their defence, we went back and forth concerning MY OWN AGE, till I served you court papers when you did a program on tonto’s surgery, you put my picture ( only me ) beside tonto writing I denied having plastic surgery, I was the Only one you posted beside Tonto. In your email, you said you needed proof to pull down the article, prove to show I never did surgery before you pull down the hurtful article. You called my lawyers’ names in that email .. it was during David’s issue you went mad and laid claims I dated the late Tagbo and my child was his. I was the one you said those things to”.

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The famous blogger has responded with a cryptic message to Caroline and all her critics. Saying She cannot be hated, and her critics aren’t better off. She went on to say that they can’t have what she has.


Linda’s words:

You can’t have what I have. You can have even more!
Just believe in yourself and keep working your butt off to give yourself the life of your dreams.