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Grassroot footballer drowns while attempting to rescue boat accident victims in Bayelsa



Grassroot footballer drowns while attempting to rescue boat accident victims in Bayelsa


Grassroot footballer drowns while attempting to rescue boat accident victims in Bayelsa


A grassroot footballer, 31 years old from Bayelsa State, Ernest Peremobowei, according to reports, passed away while attempting to save people from a boat accident in the violent flood in Bebelebiri Community, Yenagoa Local Government Area, Bayelsa State.


However, the deceased’s body was found two days later; some of his body parts, it is claimed, were consumed by fish in the river.


According to information obtained by DAILY POST, Peremobowei, who was one of the top three scorers in the recently finished Prosperity Cup, a local competition put on by the Bayelsa State Government, perished tragically while traveling back home in a canoe shortly after evacuating his wife and three children to higher ground to escape the oncoming flood.

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Eyewitness sources claim that the canoe that was carrying him and six other people away from the Federal Medical Center beachfront crashed because it was unable to withstand the surging flood.


The popular footballer died while trying to save other people who were in the canoe, according to Kenneth Dreams, the coach of Bebelebiri FC, the team he played for during the previous competition.


He said “He took his family to an IDP camp because the flood had taken over his house. So, while returning home, he boarded a canoe with six others when the current of the raging flood capsized the boat.

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“We heard that he was able to save four persons who were involved in the boat mishap before drowning at the end. He was a great player during the tournament but we have no other choice but to accept the loss.”


The younger brother to the deceased, Earnest Komboye, who also confirmed the incident.


He said, “Due to the high current of the flood, they lost control of the boat when they smashed into the Government Jetty Barge. He was the only one that knew how to swim well and he rescued the five persons with him. I think he was exhausted and was washed away by the current.”

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He further said that his late brother’s final rescuee is receiving medical attention at the Federal Medical Center in Yenagoa.


“The family is appealing to the State Government to assist the deceased’s children and the family at this trying moments.” according to Komboye, who described the loss of his brother to the flood as painful and a significant loss to his wife and two children, who range in age from 10 months (girl) to 3 years (boy).