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Workers’ Day:Gov Of Edo State Increases Minimum Wage But Bemoan Rising Inflation



Workers’ Day: Gov Of Edo State Increases Minimum Wage But Bemoan Rising Inflation


In celebration of 2022 Workers’ Day, the Government of Edo State has reviewed workers’ minimum wage from thirty thousand naira to forty thousand naira per month.



Edo State Governor, Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki has ratified Forty thousand naira as the new minimum for workers in the state.


Gov Of Edo State Increases Minimum Wage But Bemoan Rising Inflation

Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki


This was done in celebration of the 2022 Workers’ Day.


On Sunday, Obaseki delivered his 2022 Workers’ Day speech, in which he stated that the N30,000 minimum wage is insufficient to support a family.

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The Edo Governor said, “As we all know, the minimum wage of N30,000 can barely sustain a family. It will be immoral and mindless of us to continue to pretend that we do not know that our workers are suffering.

“The government of Edo has now decided to review the minimum for Edo workers from N30,000 to N40,000 a month. Undoubtedly, Edo is the first state since the current outbreak of coronavirus to take this initiative.

“Even though we would have loved to pay more, we hope that this little adjustment would enable us to cushion the impact of the inflation that we are faced with. There is no doubt that the financial implications will be heavy and put another burden on the government.

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“But as a government, we are prepared to make the sacrifices so that the workers can live a better life. Your welfare is our number one priority.”


The governor bemoaned the hardships faced by pensioners and other senior citizens as a result of the current economic challenges and rising inflation. He said, “I am particularly interested in our senior citizens because they are one of the most vulnerable in our society. We took interest in payments of outstanding pensions to our pensioners although these pensions were held by the previous administration.

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“In view of the prevailing economic circumstances, I have now approved, effective this May, the agreement we reached with the Union of Pensioners that the harmonised amount would be paid from May 2022.

“Government is aware of the difficulties faced by the pensioners due to the non-payment of pension and gratuities to pensioners by previous governments. This responsibility is huge, and it will require a substantial part of our resources to settle them.

“However, we are not a government that is known for running away from challenges; we will look for a way to tackle these challenges.”