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Stop this 3 lifestyles and walk into financial freedom



stop this 3 lifestyles and walk into financial freedom
How a person chooses to live his/her life is up to the individual but anyone that aims to achieve financial freedom must stop certain lifestyles. Sure it’s a sacrifice letting go of that lifestyle of yours but look at the bigger picture which should be your focal point.


Financial freedom is the status of having enough income to pay one’s living expenses for the rest of one’s life without having to be employed or dependent on others. Wikipedia.


This article does not intend to malign anyone’s way of living rather it aims to look into certain lifestyles that you have to let go of so that you can walk into financial freedom.


It’s true that everyone desires to have enough income to pay living expenses throughout one’s life without depending on others. But for this to be achieved a conscious effort should be geared towards changing lifestyles that will stand in the way of financial freedom.

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To be able to pay your bills throughout your life existence, that is freedom. The feeling is so awesome.


You have heard of some names who made so much money and later became so broke, that they can’t pay for their expenses. You ask the questions how did it happen, where have all the millions gone to?


Money that should have given them financial independence throughout their lives has all gone down the drain. On the other hand, you have seen individuals who have not made so much money but are still able to pay for their expenses.


I say it here that there is no specific amount of wealth that is required to attain financial freedom.


The goal is that you are able to pay for your expenses throughout your life without depending on others.

Do away with the following lifestyle, so that you can achieve financial freedom…
1]Put a stop to the lavish party


Party, party, party. I often hear this from the party lovers “the party is off the hook” by this they mean that the party went extraordinarily well, with Lots of drinks and food available. If you throw this kind of lavish party often, I tell you, this will stop you from attaining financial freedom. Parties are not goals in life while spending so much on it. Crazy right!

2]Stop luxuries purchase


This is a difficult one for so many. A dream of acquiring one of those favourites brands. You don’t need them, they are just names nothing more than. Stop luxuriating over them. Go for things that you truly need and you will see what you have saved towards that goal of financial independence.

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3]Don’t make borrowing a habit


I do not see borrowing as wrong but what’s wrong about borrowing is when it becomes a habit and you do not have plans of repaying, it can lead you into unmanageable debt.


Debt can hinder anyone from attaining financial independence. Furthermore, I am perplexed to hear that a parent goes to borrow money to celebrate his/her child birthday. What? this is so wrong, there are things that can wait. Your child is living so there will be more years to celebrate.



Your goals in life should be given utmost priority. There’s no better feeling than knowing that you can foot your bills and that of your family without going to beg others.

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